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gpttools 0.0.8

Major features and improvements

  • Added support for more AI services: anthropic, huggingface, google ai studio, and ollama (local models) (in #0042b93, #f3c64c2).
  • Implemented a fully local option for AI models (in #231f2c8, #482157f).
  • Users can now use local embeddings as an option within the package (in #0042b93).
  • Improved site scraping workflow for more efficiency and better data retrieval (in #308c809).
  • Enhanced the package documentation index updating functions for smoother maintenance (in #2139bfb, #4aa2344, #0304daf).
  • Provided package options for easy switching between different AI models (in #2027dbb).
  • Added save options to the chat with retrieval app for better user experience (in #51cc6a3, #4202256).

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Reconciled local versus OpenAI API for history tracking, ensuring consistency and reliability in the app’s history feature (in #f3c64c2, #6d328b2).
  • Improved scraping of packages, exploring potential improvements in scraping efficiency (in #46e233a).
  • Added an “all indices” option to the app, providing users with a comprehensive view of indices.
  • Updated the README and pkgdown site to reflect recent changes and guide the users through new features (in #15a971b).
  • Improved AI services vignettes to provide more detailed and up-to-date documentation on using various AI services (in #0304daf).
  • Added a new vignette for package scraping, making the scraping process clearer for other developers.
  • Added a vignette for chat with retrieval, offering a tutorial on how to leverage this new feature within the package.
  • Removed dedicated azure functions and azure embedding option due to the new focus on fully local options (in #ea30c57, #4259474).

Developmental changes

  • Major cleanup of the codebase to remove old, unused files, and tidy the namespace and global variables (in #7b71ab9, #737a266, #5e83b2e).
  • Updated pre-commit configurations to help maintain a clean and consistent coding style (in #39828fb, #466830e, #32e5f1e, #423e107, #4c1713f).
  • Removed unnecessary dependencies such as miniUI to streamline the package (in #f337b32).

early versions of gpttools 0.0.7

  • comment code

  • generate roxygen

  • suggest unit tests

  • convert a script into function(s)

  • document data

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.